Sarah Liverance
Partner, Sklar Wilton & Associates
    As a Partner at the marketing advisory firm Sklar Wilton & Associates, Sarah is the lead Engagement Champion focused on people development and engagement initiatives as well as the financial health and smooth operations of SW&A. Her passion for helping every associate succeed, whether personally or professionally, is at the core of her commitment to creating an even more special culture.Sarah leads SW&A’s whole person development program which is designed to equip each associate with a toolkit to support mind, body and spirit wellness. She has a keen interest in ensuring mental wellness is as highly valued as physical health. Sarah founded and leads Headway, a Canada-wide movement to help companies embrace best mental health practices in the workplace.Sarah started her marketing career with Kraft Foods in the US and Canada. Prior to that, she was a Captain in the US Air Force designing computer systems for next generation surveillance satellites. Partner at the marketing advisory firm Sklar Wilton & Associates Sarah has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Duke University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Florida Institute of Technology.Outside the office, Sarah is usually…outside. She loves running, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, canoeing, and just about anything to do with animals.