Andrea Carter
Andrea Carter is the CEO & Founder of Wealthy Woman Warrior
    Andrea Carter is the CEO & Founder of Wealthy Woman Warrior, a leading Toronto consulting firm helping women and workplaces go from idea to impact without burning out.Andrea’s proprietary programs have been delivered at top Toronto financial firms, sales conferences and numerous Women’s Initiatives across Canada. Her programs continue to be used to retrain outdated self-sabotaging thought patterns, up-level talent and create innovative workplace cultures that employees want to participate in and contribute to. In a digital world, that is continuously becoming more technology-centric, Andrea’s training programs become a conduit for innovating powerful mental wealth tools and skills that generate long-lasting business growth and impact. As a transformational leader and trailblazer in the gender equality sector, Andrea believes that when mindset and basic human psychology are leveraged they become direct influencers for action and momentum, within the workplace and beyond, cultivating positive workplaces with robust bottom lines.