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Hiding Under the Covers with the Change of Season?

Oct 2019
At 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 3 our clocks will change. Most of us welcome the additional hour of sleep but some of us may…

Why Does Employee Mental Fitness Trump Engagement?

Oct 2019
Why does mental fitness trump engagement? In this article,  Dr. Bill Howatt explains. He will be with us in Toronto April 6, 2020. If you…

On World Mental Health Day its Time to Move From Awareness to Action

Oct 2019
  How do you support your mental health? Here’s a challenge, can you take at least 1 action to support at least 3 of the…

Can We Eat to Support The Practice of Mindfulness?

Oct 2019
When we think about training our brains through meditation and mindfulness we might not associate food with our practice. The thought crossed my mind during…
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