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Mental Wealth, Our Most Valuable Resource For Change

Mental wealth means growth, peak performance and the sustainability of all we do and all we set out to do for the future. We are all part of something bigger, whether it be our planet, our family at home or our family at work, our tribe at school, or our global community we can learn practical ways to move towards mental wealth at Year of the Mind 2020.

Built for hardworking people and the businesses that care about them.

What To Expect

Year of the Mind will offer practical solutions for tackling the issues that affect us all. Guests will hear a 360-degree perspective on how to achieve and maintain good mental health. We will hear from the next generation of leaders and the seasoned change makers who are building sustainable programs now. The discussions will take place, the pitfalls will be brought to light, and those who attend will leave feeling more confident and equipped in their journey towards a powerful mental wealth plan.

An engaging, entertaining, experience you won’t soon forget.

From the round tables to think tanks to distinguished panel discussions, you will hear from the doers in mental wealth, the folks on the front lines that are making a difference now.

Learn “On-the-Job” and “In-Your-Life” Solutions

Explore evidence based, proven, strategic actionable strategies you can implement right away.

Networking with like-minded people and peers

Our agenda blends in opportunities that will connect you with peers and industry experts you may not have exposure to otherwise

Hands-On, Interactive Roundtables

Roundtables around key topics that affect mental wealth for hard working people and the folks that care about them. Learn from practitioners who can offer evidence-based tools and resources around top of mind issues that we all care about.

“Year of the Mind Think Tank Handbook” with Tools and Resources

You’ll leave with action items, practical tools, takeaways and a copy of our downloadable “Year of the Mind Think Tank Handbook” to offer value long after the day has passed.

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